Fishing-duels game

Fishing-duels game

Fishing-duels game

Fishing-duels game

Fishing Duels is a puzzle game for two on the ocean floor!
While engaging in Fishing Duels adventures a sharp eye and a good strategy are what you need to prove yourself the best fisherman! Chubby orange fish are floating on the board amongst other fishing items. Collecting those fish and meeting your score before your opponent will grant you a super fishy victory!

How to play Fishing Duels

Each Fishing Duels board contains a maximum of 81 cells. Each cell may contain a fish or some other object.

Each level in Fishing Duels requires a certain number of fish to be collected in order to win the game. The player who first collects the required number of fish is the winner. To collect fish, a player must make a match of them in a row or column of 3 fish or more. Diagonal matches don't count. To move a fish and perform a match, there are two ways: a) click on each of the adjacent cells to switch their positions b) click and drag a cell toward the position of the other cell with which you want to switch places.

Either of the above actions will create a chain of 3 or more fish in a row or column, removing them from the board and making all the items above them occupy their cells. If any of the cells containing the matched candies, had fish in them, the action will cause the fish to be removed. When collecting fish, you may watch their number increase on the top of the board, next to your avatar.

Apart from fish, players may also collect other objects too, in the same way, they do with fish, by making matches. These objects are added on separate collections, and maybe consumed when players need to use one of the 4 special ‘weapons':

  • Fish Catch: By using this weapon 3 fish are added to your stash.
  • Attack: By using this weapon 4 fish are removed from your opponent's stash.
  • Theft: By using this weapon 6 fish are snatched from your opponent's stash and added to yours.
  • Fishing Net: A fishing net appears on top of the whole table and adds every fish on it into your stash.

Each weapon requires a certain number of special objects in order to be used. This number appears on a red circle on top of the weapon button if the required objects have not been yet collected.

When the required objects are collected, the circle turns green.

When all three circles have turned green, meaning all required objects have been collected, the weapon is ready to be used. These special objects are removed from their respective collections when the player chooses the weapon.

So keep in mind, collecting fish may not be the only way! Fishing Duels requires strategy, one or more uses of a special weapon may prove the winner in the end!

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