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How to Apply to UNIVEN Online 2023-2024

How to Apply to UNIVEN Online 2023-2024

How to Apply to UNIVEN Online 2023-2024

How to Apply to UNIVEN Online 2023-2024

How to Apply to UNIVEN Online 2023-2024

About How to Apply to UNIVEN Online 2023-2024

To apply for admission to the University of Venda (UNIVEN) online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the UNIVEN website: Go to the UNIVEN website at www.univen.ac.za.
  2. Create an account: Click on the “Apply online” link and create an account by providing your personal details and creating a password.
  3. Login: Login to your account using your email address and password.
  4. Start a new application: Click on the “Start a new application” button and select the type of application you wish to make (undergraduate or postgraduate).
  5. Fill in the application form: Complete the application form by providing all the necessary information, such as personal details, academic history, and program of study.
  6. Upload supporting documents: Upload all the required supporting documents, such as certified copies of academic transcripts, identity documents, and proof of payment of the application fee.
  7. Review and submit: Review the application form and supporting documents to ensure that all the information is correct. Then click on the “Submit” button to complete your application.
  8. Pay the application fee: Pay the application fee using the UNIVEN banking details provided on the website.
  9. Check application status: After submitting your application, you can check the status of your application by logging in to your account on the UNIVEN website.

It is important to note that UNIVEN may require additional supporting documents or information, depending on the specific program of study.

The following information is crucial for the successful completion of an online application process

• Only South African undergraduate applicants are to apply on online application wizard
• To apply online, you should be having a South African Identify number, Cell phone number, email address, and credit / debit card with cv number to pay R100 application fee online.
• During online application process, you may save and return at a later stage to resume the application process.
• Applicant will be required to create a pin consisting of 5 digits
• Scan and upload a copy of I.D. document or passport, Grade 11 report or statement of grade 12 results or copy of Matric Certificate
• Complete your application by pressing ‘submit ‘button
• You will then get a student number
• Application Closing Date: 27 September 2022

Application enquiries can be sent to any of the following officials:

• Mulidzi Fhatuwani – 015 962 8959 fhatuwani.mulidzi@univen.ac.za
• Muthevhuli Alvinah – 015 962 8953
• Nengwekhulu Mishumo – 015 962 8954 mishumo.nengwekhulu@univen.ac.za
• Seth Ugoda – 015 962 8882 Seth.ugoda@univen.ac.za




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