NMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

NMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

NMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

NMU  Accommodation 2023-2024
NMU  Accommodation 2023-2024
About NMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

Nelson Mandela University (NMU) offers a range of on-campus and off-campus accommodation options for its students. The university provides accommodation for students who are studying full-time, both from South Africa and other countries.

On-Campus Accommodation: The on-campus accommodation at NMU is provided in residences that are situated on or near the main campus. There are different types of rooms available, such as single rooms, double rooms, and apartments. The university also provides communal facilities such as kitchens, study areas, and laundry facilities. The on-campus accommodation is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is recommended to apply early to secure a place.

Off-Campus Accommodation: NMU also provides assistance to students who prefer to live off-campus. The university maintains a database of accredited off-campus accommodation options, such as flats, apartments, and houses, that have been inspected and approved by the university. Students can access the database and search for accommodation that suits their needs and budget. NMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

It is important to note that accommodation costs are not included in the tuition fees and must be paid separately. The cost of accommodation may vary depending on the type of accommodation and location.


Residences available are:

South Campus Residences

The buildings on this campus are surrounded by indigenous plants and beautiful gardens that make one feel one is in the heart of nature. It is not unusual for students on their way to early lectures to come across small buck in the undergrowth. At night when everything quietens down, the roar of the Indian Ocean can be heard in the distance.

The hostel complexes are divided into ‘flats' which house 17 students in each flat. Each student is therefore a member of a much smaller group and living together in a flat means that in time, flat mates form strong bonds resulting in flat traditions of their own.

There is a 24 hour security for the safety of students and their belongings. Close circuit cameras are situated in strategic places within the residences and there is also access control at the entrance doors. There is a Security Officer who is a trained paramedic who lives on the campus in case of emergencies.

There are rules and regulations which govern the Residences – a copy of which would be made available to all new students moving into the residences.

A Laundry is available in each building, which is free of charge and includes automatic washing machines and tumble driers;

Each flat has a telephone where incoming calls can be received. If a student wishes to make calls, payphones are available;

Each residence has a large lounge where students can enjoy watching television (Channels available are: SABC 1,2,3 M-Net, Movie Magic, Super Sport and E.TV)

Meals can be enjoyed together in one enormous dining hall. This is usually a meeting place, a kind of social centre for congenial fellowshop and conversation; and

There are two tuckshops run by students which sell basic necessities.


NMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

North Campus
It consists of :
Charlotte Maxeke Junior Female Residence
Hector Pieterson Junior Male Residence
Indwe Senior Female Residence
Ikamva Senior Male Residence
Sol Plaatje Senior Mixed Residence

The units comprise mainly double bedrooms and shared bathroom facilities. These residences are equipped with telephones, M-net, TV sets and dining facilities.

Recreational and sporting facilities that are also available include a swimming pool, tennis courts, sports fields and food courts (e.g. Steers).

As limited accommodation is available, early application is essential.


2nd Avenue Campus

Residence Information
Oceana residence has separate housing for first year men and women. The students reside in mainly double rooms and share bathrooms. The residence can accommodate 112 ladies and 59 men. Facilities around the residences include a gym, sports fields and swimming pool. The residence has lovely spacious lounges where students can watch TV, a video or DVD, play pool or a game of table tennis. Each corridor has a phone where incoming calls can be received and there are payphones in the foyers of the men's and ladies residence. Limited self catering facilities are available on every corridor.

Residence Management
Oceana residence is managed by Student Housing Staff and supported by seven House Committee Members who are elected annually.

It consists of :

Yolanda Guma Junior Female Residence
Yolanda Guma Junior Male Residence

This campus is situated 2km from the North and South Campuses in Summerstrand and is also within easy walking distance of some of the country's most beautiful beaches.

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