SMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

SMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

SMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

SMU  Accommodation 2023-2024

SMU  Accommodation 2023-2024
About SMU  Accommodation 2023-2024
SMU offers a variety of housing options for its students, including on-campus residence halls, on-campus apartments, off-campus housing, fraternity and sorority housing, and faculty and staff housing. Each option has its own unique features, amenities, and benefits, and students can choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences. From traditional residence halls to apartment-style living, SMU's accommodation options provide students with a safe, comfortable, and convenient place to call home while pursuing their academic goals. Whether you're a first-year student, transfer student, or returning student, SMU has a housing option that's perfect for you.

Here's a list of the various types of accommodation available at SMU:

  1. On-campus residence halls: SMU offers several residence halls on campus for students, including the Commons, Loyd, McElvaney, Perkins, and Virginia-Snider halls. These halls offer different room types, including singles, doubles, triples, and quads, and feature amenities such as communal lounges, study rooms, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi access.
  2. On-campus apartments: SMU also offers several apartment-style housing options on campus, including the Mustang Village Apartments and the Moore and Boaz Residential Commons. These apartments feature different floor plans, including one-bedroom and two-bedroom options, and offer amenities such as full kitchens, living rooms, and study spaces.
  3. Off-campus housing: SMU students can also choose to live off campus in privately-owned apartments or houses. The university provides an Off-Campus Housing website with resources and listings for students to find suitable accommodation.
  4. Fraternity and sorority housing: SMU has several fraternities and sororities on campus, some of which offer on-campus housing options for their members. These houses are typically available to members of the respective organization and may offer different room types, amenities, and dining options.
  5. Faculty and staff housing: SMU also provides housing options for faculty and staff members, including the Faculty and Staff Housing Complex, which features apartment-style units and townhomes.



  • Proof of residence for students
  • Washing machines and tumble dyers
  • Kitchen and stove
  • Cleaning services
  • Issuing of tissues every month
  • Maintenance (renovations, replacement of damage goods etc) in partner with technical services.
  • TV rooms for entertainment
  • Each residence has a security officer for safety
  • Attend to students problems



  • No alcohol and substance abuse
  • No tampering with Fire Fighting Equipment
  • No illegal squatting in the residences
  • No  noise and parties in the residence halls
  • No vandalism
  • No illegal Trading

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