UKZN  Application form 2023-2024

UKZN  Application form 2023-2024

UKZN  Application form 2023-2024

UKZN  Application form 2023-2024

UKZN  Application form 2023-2024

UKZN Online Application Form

UKZN (University of KwaZulu-Natal) is a university in South Africa that offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. The university has an online application system that allows prospective students to apply for admission to the university.

To access the UKZN online application form, you will need to visit the university's official website and navigate to the admissions section. From there, you will be able to create an account, provide your personal and academic information, and upload any necessary documentation, such as academic transcripts and identification documents.

The application process will typically require you to provide information about your academic background, including your previous qualifications and grades. You may also need to provide personal information, such as your contact details, residential address, and identification number.

The UKZN has developed an online application system. The following applicants can apply online:

•Postgraduate and international applicants;

• Returning former UKZN undergraduate Applicants;

• First-time entering South African undergraduate applicants should apply through the Central Application Office (CAO);

• A non-refundable application fee of R210 is payable to UKZN (late fee R420);

Click here to access the application form

It is important to note that the specific requirements and deadlines for the UKZN online application form may vary depending on the program you are applying for, so it is recommended that you carefully review the instructions and guidelines provided by the university before submitting your application.

Overall, the UKZN online application form is a convenient and efficient way for prospective students to apply for admission to one of South Africa's leading universities.

Completed application forms must be emailed to

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