Varsity College Accommodation 2023-2024

Varsity College Accommodation 2023-2024

Varsity College Accommodation 2023-2024

About Varsity College Accommodation 2023-2024

Varsity College is a leading private higher education institution in South Africa that offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree and diploma programs across various disciplines. For students who are looking for accommodations near the Varsity College campuses, there are a few options available.

On-Campus Accommodations Varsity College has on-campus accommodations available at some of its campuses, such as the Durban North, Westville, and Sandton campuses. These accommodations are designed to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for students, and they offer a range of amenities, including Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and study areas. Students can apply for these accommodations by contacting the Varsity College accommodation office or by visiting the campus website.

Off-Campus Accommodations There are also many off-campus accommodation options available near Varsity College campuses. These accommodations range from private apartments to shared housing and student residences. Students can use online rental platforms such as Gumtree, Private Property, or Student Accommodation to find suitable accommodations. It is important to ensure that the accommodation is located in a safe and secure area and that it is close to the campus.

Homestays are a popular option for international students who are studying at Varsity College. Homestays involve staying with a local family in their home, where students can experience the local culture and customs, and practice their language skills. Homestays are arranged through various agencies or platforms such as Airbnb,, and StudySouthAfrica.

It is important to note that the cost of accommodations can vary depending on the type of accommodation and the location. Students should consider their budget and need when selecting accommodations. Students are also advised to book their accommodations in advance, as spaces may be limited, especially during peak periods.

In conclusion, Varsity College offers various accommodation options for students, including on-campus accommodations, off-campus accommodations, and homestays. Students should research the different options available and consider their budgets and needs when selecting accommodations. By finding suitable accommodations, students can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience while studying at Varsity College.


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