goshen indiana

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goshen indiana

goshen indiana

goshen indiana


ABOUT (brief history)

Native Americans, namely the Miami, Peoria, and Potawatomi Peoples, lived on the territory that is now Goshen, Indiana before white colonists arrived. These people have lived in this area for a very long time. The Indian Removal Act, passed by the US Congress in 1830, mandated that all native people move west of the Mississippi River.

In 1831, Goshen was platted. It received its name from the Land of Goshen. Old stock “Yankee” immigrants, who were derived from the English Puritans who founded New England in the 1600s, made up the whole first wave of settlers.

The New England Yankees who established cities like Goshen associated with the Israelites of the Old Testament and saw North America as their Canaan. They saw themselves as the “chosen people.” Throughout what is known as the Northern Tier of the upper midwest, they created a sizable number of towns and counties. Goshen was given this name in this situation.

The overcrowding of New England, among other things, contributed to the Yankee exodus to Indiana. Old-school Yankees typically had large families with up to ten children living together. Due to the large and continuous increase in population, most people were expected to have their own piece of land for farming. As a result, land in New England became scarce as each son demanded his own farmland. Because there wasn't enough land for every family to build a self-sufficient farm as a result, Yankee settlers started migrating from New England to the Midwest.

Although the Second Great Awakening caused many of these settlers to change to Methodism and some to become Baptists, they were largely Congregational Church members when they first arrived in what is now Indiana. Following numerous splits, the Congregational Church is currently known by the names Church of Christ and United Church of Christ, including those in Goshen. What is now Elkhart County was little more than a dense virgin forest and wild prairie when the New Englanders first arrived. They mapped out farmland, built roads, built up the government, and created post routes.


Environmental leadership

The Elkhart River flooded in February 2018 as a result of a lot of rain and snowmelt. A record 13.2-foot rise in the river caused more than 300 structures to be damaged and forced evacuations. The city government has implemented measures such as stormwater management and “an initiative to grow the town's tree canopy by 45%” in response to the increase in extreme weather, such as flooding, hail, and heavy rains. In 2019, Goshen finished 92 solar installations. With 116 watts of solar power produced per person in 2019, Goshen outperformed Phoenix, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver.



Goshen's economy is centered on the automotive and recreational vehicle industries. Companies that construct unique bodies onto chassis include Supreme, Independent Protection, and Showhauler Trucks, as well as producers of automotive components like Benteler. Dutchmen, Forest River, and Keystone are a few manufacturers of recreational vehicles.



The mayor, clerk-treasurer, municipal council, and youth advisor make up the government. The mayor and clerk are chosen by the entire city. The city council is made up of seven people. Five are chosen by their respective districts. Two are picked at random. The Goshen High School students elect candidates for the youth advisor post, which was added in 2016. The current mayor of Goshen is Democratic Party supporter Jeremy Stutsman.



Elkhart Township is where Goshen Community Schools are located. Seven elementary schools make up this system, along with Goshen Intermediate School, Goshen Junior High School, and Goshen High School.

Goshen High School was ranked by U.S. News & World Report in 2012 as the top 6% of high schools nationwide and the 12th best high school in Indiana.

Additionally, Bethany Christian Schools, a private Christian school for grades 4 through 12, serves Goshen.

Several more school districts, including Fairfield Community Schools, Middlebury Community Schools, Concord Community Schools, and WaNee Community Schools, serve smaller portions of the city of Goshen.

There are about 800 students enrolled at the south side of the city's Goshen College, with 40% men and 60% women. For the academic year 2017–2018, tuition and fees came to $33,200.

The Goshen Public Library is a free lending library in the community.



According to rumors, the south side Wal-Mart was the first in the country to provide its frequent Amish customers a covered stable. With lumber and other goods given by Wal-Mart, the Amish erected the stable.

Goshen served as the filming location for the 2005 movie Lonesome Jim, which was written by former resident James Strouse, directed by Steve Buscemi, and stars Liv Tyler and Casey Affleck.


What is Goshen Indiana famous for?
The city is known as an extremely prominent recreational vehicle and accessories manufacturing center, the home of Goshen College, a small Mennonite liberal arts college, and the Elkhart County 4-H Fair, the largest county fair in the United States.



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