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ABOUT (brief history)

The Indiana Academy one of the top institutions in Indiana and the country offers students a cutting-edge educational experience. Millions of dollars in scholarships and financial aid are given to our students each year from the top colleges and universities in our state and around the nation, including Ivy League institutions. Whether you commute to campus or live in our residence hall, you will take part in a top-notch educational atmosphere with lots of chances for learning new things and developing yourself. The Indiana Academy provides a wide variety of educational programs for teachers and students from all over the nation and the world, in addition to its residential students.

The Indiana Academy is a public high school with a national ranking that is situated on the Ball State University campus in Muncie, Indiana. For juniors and seniors, the Academy provides both residential and non-residential (commuter) alternatives. A non-residential-only experimental program for high school sophomores has been added as of the 2022–2023 academic year, though it is uncertain whether it will continue. High-ability, gifted, and talented high school students from any location in Indiana are eligible to apply.

The Indiana Academy, a unit of Ball State University's Teachers College, was established by the Indiana General Assembly in 1988. The first class of junior Academy students began classes in the fall of 1990.

More than thirty science courses, several of which are Advanced Placement programs, are available to academy students. Students that have extensive laboratory experience have the chance to use cutting-edge technologies.


Indiana Academy online Application

Since 1990, the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities has offered students online learning opportunities. We assist students from Indiana as well as those from other states and countries who require advanced education. Our professors are highly educated, and many of our online courses are AP and dual credit since we are an accredited public high school that focuses on kids with outstanding academic potential.

We will assess completed applications as soon as they are submitted, even if our early application deadline isn't until January 23, 2023, and we'll only admit students if there are still spots available. Please submit your application right away.


Indiana Academy online Application Requirements

Residents of Indiana may apply as commuting or non-commuting (non-residential) students. Students should submit their free application to the Indiana Academy during their sophomore year of high school. In the event that space is still available after the priority or regular admissions deadlines, we may retain your application on file and continue to review it.

PLEASE NOTE: For information on how to apply as an international student if you are residing outside of the United States or inside the country on a VISA, get in touch with Dr. Dain Kavars at 765-285-8126 or

Applications for the classes of 2024 and 2025 will be reviewed after they are finished, and a decision will be made within a few weeks. If accepted, those who submit their applications by the priority deadline will be given priority registration for summer orientation.

Applications for the Class of 2026 will start being reviewed right after the priority deadline and will hear back within a few weeks. In the event that they are accepted, those who submit their applications before the priority deadline will also be given priority registration for summer orientation.


Fee Structure (per student)

Charges for Full-Year Courses AP Calculus AB (MATH 165) $700**

AP Physics I (PHYC 110) $600* *

AP Calculus BC 1 & 2 (ATH 165 & 166) Sites are charged $250 by the Indiana Academy

AP Calculus AB and AP Physics I students in the fall semester,

While individual students are charged $350 by Ball State University in the spring semester.

Ball State University charges each student taking AP Calculus BC 1 & 2 $350 per semester.

Prices are liable to change.

Term Courses for the Fall
American History, 1492–1876, Fee (HIST 201)
Calculus BC 2 in AP (MATH 166)
Linear Algebra for $350 (MATH 217)
Multivariable Calculus, $350 (MATH 267)
Courses for the Spring Semester
American History, 1877–the Present, Fee (HIST 202)
AP Calculus BC 2 costs $350. (MATH 166)

AP Statistics (MATH 181) $350
Differential Equations (MATH 374) $350

Fees subject to change.



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