How to register UKZN Online 2023-2024

How to register UKZN Online 2023-2024

How to register UKZN Online 2023-2024

How to register UKZN Online 2023-2024

How to register UKZN Online 2023-2024

About How to register UKZN Online 2023-2024


Please visit the university website, click on the site, and then select “Explore UKZN” to access the Student Central ( entry. Type in your student ID number and press the next button. Enter your student number and pin number on the next screen. If you don’t have a pin because you’re a new student, click “Request a Pin” and an SMS with the pin will be delivered to your phone.

Once you have your pin, return there and click Login after entering your student number and pin. Click Create New Pin, then click Change Pin. After selecting Self-Help registration and pressing Proceed, select UKZN web registration.


To register online, select UKZN. After reading the entire document, select Rules and Regulations.

Please READ the document and accept it. If this is not approved, you won’t be able to continue with registration.


After accepting, click the link for address validation.

Verify and update your address information as necessary.

Choose the link for Contact Information. Verify your contact information. Please verify that your email address and mobile number are accurate.

They will serve as the primary means of communication between you and the university.


Choose the link for New Registration. You must choose the most appropriate qualification if you are considering applying with more than one possible qualification.

Choose your courses now, having in mind the regulations for each module group as well as the total number of credits for the year. When you violate any rule, the system will produce errors. Choose timetable blocks for the chosen modules, making sure not to choose the same blocks for modules taken during the same semester.

After making your choice, click “Save and Proceed,” “Previous” to advance to the next screen, or “Restart Process” to return to the qualification screen.

You will need to request approval of your choice if you have any credit issues or if you are an Orange, Red, or Purple student. Green pupils who registered correctly will go to stage 9 next.


Click “Request Approval” on . You might record some remarks that the professor needs to give their permission. You can log out and wait for an email informing you of the status of your request after clicking “Submit” and receiving a notice saying that the message has been forwarded.

If your request was denied, kindly log in again, select “New Registration” from the drop-down menu, and modify your module choice in accordance with the guidance provided.

You will be taken to a screen where you can upload documents if your request has been granted or a Green student has successfully selected all of their subjects without making any mistakes. The documents will be listed on the screen. If necessary, browse and upload a pdf file.

You can log out after submitting and wait for the College to contact you via email. If the documents you submitted fit the standards or if you need to resend them, you will be informed.

A screen displaying the registration’s costs will subsequently be shown to you. To complete your registration, click the “Accept Registration” button. To release any holds that are still in place (such as FCR, which stands for “Financial Clearance Needed”), get in touch with finance. Your choice will now be saved in the database, and you’ll be enrolled automatically.

You will now receive a notice stating that you have registered if there are no holds on you. You can print your proof of registration or your cost summary, then log out if you’d like.


Click here for a form to register for the 2023-2024 academic year


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