Mammography Technologist I

By | February 4, 2023

Mammography Technologist I

Mammography Technologist I

Primary Location San Diego, California

Job Number 1050856

Date posted 09/13/2022


$5,000 Sign-on Bonus is available!

Operating dedicated and specialized mammography radiographic equipment, formulating/calculating techniques, and positioning patients under general supervision in order to produce diagnostic images of normal and abnormal human breasts, associated tissue, and associated unusual changes for use by physicians in making medical diagnoses. Utilizes independent judgment while evaluating radiographs and photographs, differentiating between normal and pathological tissue, and taking further necessary views such as magnification, all within the established/recognized scope of practice.

Significant Duties:

upholds the policies, procedures, and guiding principles of Kaiser Permanente as well as any relevant local, state, and federal laws.

Important Functions: Customer service: Is receptive to others' needs by acting professionally toward members and coworkers and fostering a positive departmental image, as shown by: Willingness to act independently to address member concerns. taking care of a lot of member contacts. addressing client issues in a constructive manner. offering sympathetic assistance. coworkers with consideration and respect. encouraging positive thought and cooperation.

determines how cultural diversity and lifestyle choices affect a patient's illness and adjusts for such variances.

demonstrates proficiency in the use of specialized, complicated mammography equipment in a patient-care setting to obtain a conclusive diagnosis for positive mammogram results. consistently chooses the appropriate technical variables in light of the study's requirements as well as the patient's age, body type, and pathology. Consistently chooses the appropriate settings for other equipment (such as locks on tools and tables, tube location, control panel settings, etc.). correctly and consistently processes radiographic pictures with the aid of automation. Images are scrutinized, and any necessary changes are made to technical aspects, patient placement, etc. use appropriate infection control and/or sterile techniques. operates the imaging computer correctly and in compliance with departmental protocols every time. conducts a patient interview to ensure that they fully comprehend the process and, in the end, to secure their consent.shows a thorough understanding of and consistent proficiency with the use of ancillary equipment, such as catheters and guidewires.

shows proficiency in patient placement for mammography imaging.

consistently positions patients, including those with implants, correctly in relation to the needs of the study while accounting for body habit and lesion location in accordance with departmental protocols.

utilizes and picks exact placement strategies including additional/special views, such as compression or magnification, in relation to the patient's condition or results visible on the images.

Maintains thorough knowledge of and proficiency in performing mammography quality control as mandated by the State of California and MQSA. proper calibration of mammography equipment is performed.

Age-specific requirements: Exhibits knowledge of the process of cognitive, physical, emotional, and chronological maturity when providing services to patients in the targeted age group. able to evaluate statistics that represent the patient's condition and analyze the necessary data to identify each patient's needs in relation to his or her age-specific requirements and to deliver the care required in compliance with department policy. newborn, pediatric, teenage, adult, and geriatric technical parameters in accordance with the needs of the research and the patient's physical development. varies patient placement strategies in accordance with the patient's physical and mental capabilities. To prevent harm or excessive radiation exposure, exercise extra caution when handling, positioning, and/or restraint geriatric patients and newborns.

Exercises Effective clinical judgment Obtains clarification of orders by speaking with the radiologist or another clinician. Make an acceptable alternate or additional view choice based on the patient's state. produces high-quality diagnostic images that (1) show the area(s) of interest, (2) do not contain artifacts or motion-induced blur, (3) have the ideal contrast and exposure required to distinguish between different kinds of normal and diseased tissue (e.g., mammary, muscle, fat, lymph). Under no circumstances should an exam be attempted if it cannot be done so safely or correctly.

Maintains documentation in accordance with ACR, MQSA, HCFA, and State of California requirements and promptly, completely, and accurately records clinical activity.

accurately fills out and signs the Radiology Processing Record and the standard consultation form after each operation. accurately records all relevant data related to clinical breast exams and mammography.

ADVANCED SENIOR TECHNICIAN PERFORMANCE STANDARDS gives given personnel functional direction. The right tasks are consistently given to the personnel so that exams can be completed on time. regularly gives management quick feedback regarding operational challenges and personnel matters. Effectively communicates with other departments to foster good departmental relationships. demonstrates inventiveness and organizational abilities in the department's operational problem-solving.

RULES, POLICIES, AND PROCEDURES OF ORGANIZATION respect all policies and guidelines established by the Diagnostic Imaging Department, the organization, the region, and the medical service area. respects the policies and procedures of the organization, the region, and the medical service area.

A HIGH LEVEL OF SERVICE upholds the standards of conduct set out by the profession to improve service quality. Makes eye contact, offers a warm greeting, and does so in a timely and polite manner. explains to patients the cause of any delays or impending delays in their service. follows the Patient's Bill of Rights when treating patients. exclusively has business-related chats while waiting for services for members.

PROFESSIONAL READINESS Shows maturity on the job in all dealings with employees and patients. is to uphold positive working connections and rapport with patients, departmental colleagues, and the medical staff. accommodates modifications in the schedule that are made to increase output and efficiency. correctly reacts to constructive criticism from peers and supervisors. operates independently within the boundaries of the job.

correctly reacts to constructive criticism from peers and supervisors. operates independently within the boundaries of the job.

PRODUCTIVITY meets the departmental productivity standards set by peers.

AREA OF WORK, EQUIPMENT, AND SUPPLIES maintains tools, materials, and workspace in compliance with departmental standards. always keeps the workspace and equipment tidy. regularly uses caution when handling equipment to prevent harm. equipment malfunctions should be immediately reported to the supervisory staff. Occasionally take on additional tasks and obligations as directed.

Read also employees expected conduct for this job

Basic Qualifications:


  • N/A


  • N/A

License, Certification, Registration

  • CRT with Mammography certification.

  • ARRT (must be obtained during the probationary period).

  • CPR (BLS) (must be obtained during the probationary period).


Additional Requirements:

  • Ability to demonstrate and apply knowledge, principles and practices of radiologic, mammographic techniques, breast structures, anatomy, composition and pathology.

  • Demonstrated ability to perform Quality control/Assurance functions required for mammography as specified by State of California and Mammography Quality Standards Act.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Two years experience as a staff technologist.



  • Scheduled work hours per week will be 20-32.

  • The position will rotate a minimum of every other weekend, rotating in diag. mammogram & breast procedures to support SD service area and future locations.

Primary Location: California,San Diego,Zion Medical Center

Scheduled Weekly Hours: 21

Shift: Variable

Workdays: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun,

Working Hours Start: 12:01 AM

Working Hours End: 11:59 PM

Job Schedule: Part-time

Job Type: Standard

Employee Status: Regular

Employee Group/Union Affiliation: B09|OPEIU|Local 30

Job Level: Individual Contributor

Department: ZION MEDICAL CENTER – Mammography – 0806

Pay Range: $48.78 – $56.82

Sign on bonus: $4000.00

Travel: Yes, 100 % of the Time


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