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r350 social grant 2023-2024

r350 social grant 2023-2024

r350 social grant 2023-2024

r350 social grant 2023-2024

A person in extreme need receives a Social Relief of Distress grant as a one-time payment. Individuals who can’t meet their own or their family’ basic requirements leave with the award. Food, gift cards, or money can all be part of the grant.

In order to be eligible for Social Relief of Distress, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • While the assets for your kids are being handled, you want help.
  • A catastrophe or calamity has occurred (your house has burned down, for example). You are ineligible for a grant despite your dire situation.
  • A medical condition prevents you from working for less than six months.
  • You can’t ask your kid or the kid’s other parent to pay kid support.
  • The main earner for the family has passed away.
  • Recently, the primary source of income has been detained.
  • Your neighborhood or community has been impacted by a disaster, but it has not yet been designated a disaster area.

What outcomes do you observe?

  • You can use a meal voucher or a food box to deal with your distress in a social setting. Financial aid is provided by some provinces. Social Relief of Distress is only available for a short time—usually three months—with the possibility of an additional three months.

What you need to do.

Social distress relief applications can be submitted in person at the SASSA office closest to you or online at https://srd.sassa.gov.za.

Please include the following documents with your application:

  • your 13-digit barcoded identification document and your children’s birth certificates In the event that you do not possess a birth certificate or an identity document, an affidavit that has been ordered by the Justice of the Peace may be used in its place. A clause stating that the Social Assistance Act of 2004’s Section 21 would penalize the affiant for providing inaccurate or misleading information must be included in the affidavit.
  • a sworn statement from a trustworthy individual who is familiar with both the applicant and the child. This could come from a councilman, traditional figurehead, social worker, or clergy member.
    evidence that the Department of Home Affairs has received an application for a birth certificate or other form of identification

A temporary identity document from the Department of Home Affairs, if necessary.

  • a certificate of baptism.

  • a card for a health clinic on the way.

  • an academic report.
  • Please keep in mind that no application can be submitted without an affidavit or sworn statement.
  • If you do not possess identification or birth certificates, an affidavit from the chief, counselor, or religious leader of your neighborhood police department may be sufficient.

Give evidence that you:

  • have submitted a grant application;

  • have an emergency (e.g. provide a police report that your house burnt down)

  • are married, divorced, or single,

  • have attempted to obtain maintenance,

  • lack income,

  • have a temporary medical condition.

What is the time frame?

  • The application you submitted will be evaluated as soon as possible.

    Your application will be inspected once you submit it to decide if there is a veritable interest for the help.

    Even if you don’t have all the paperwork, you will still receive your first month’s food box, voucher, or cash.

    Before the second month’s installment is expected, remember to furnish the official with all the important desk work. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing your cash, voucher, or food box for the second and third months.

    If your circumstance does not change after three months, you may request an extension of the award.

How much does it cost?

The service is free.

Forms to complete

The application form is available in your local SASSA office, but it is not available online.

Who to contact

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)


Visit the SRD website at


Click here for more info on SASSA

Sassa Online Application

For more information on Sassa, click here

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