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UCT Courses 2023-2024

UCT Courses 2023-2024

UCT Courses 2023-2024

UCT Courses 2023-2024

UCT Courses 2023-2024

About UCT Courses 2023-2024

UCT is a top-ranked university in South Africa and provides a range of qualifications and programs to its students. The University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, distance, and short course programs.

Before submitting an application, all applicants seeking admission to study at the University of Cape Town for the 2023–2024 academic year are thus instructed to review the list of programs (courses) that have earned accreditation.
Below are the main faculties and their relative courses available at UCT: 
  • Faculty of Commerce:

The majority of the faculty at UCT teaches in the department of commerce, which prepares students for careers in the growing corporate world, in professional finance, and in the global economy. The faculty is dedicated to engagement with the African continent and has considerable support from international organizations.

  1. College of Accounting
  2. Centre for Actuarial Research
  3. African Institute of Financial Market and Risk Management


  • Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment

There was a presumption during the industrial revolution, which laid the groundwork for engineering, that the world will always have enough resources to meet human needs.
However, it is now necessary for us to acquire knowledge and abilities that take into account a worldview that acknowledges the finite nature of resources and the interconnectedness of all systems.
There is a need to consider many roads and plurality, diversity, and difference rather than a straight line heading from “here” to “advance.”
The secret is in the networks and flows, the richness of diversity and plurality, and the linkages and reconnections between individuals and ideas. In light of the shifting global landscape, the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment (EBE) is committed to building on past accomplishments and embracing the challenges that lie ahead for both Africa and the international community.

  1. School Architecture, Planning, and Geomatics


  • Humanities

The second-largest faculty at UCT is the Faculty of Humanities, which is made up of 16 active academic departments organized into three major clusters: the arts, the social sciences, and the performing and creative arts. All have an emphasis on the human condition in all of its manifestations. The faculty has a long history of conducting multidisciplinary research and teaching, as evidenced by its four DST/NRF SARChI Research Chairs, two Mellon Research Chairs, and 86 new and renewed NRF-rated researchers. Our academic programs give students the tools they need to interact with both the tangible and intangible facets of being human. We generate outstanding graduates with analytical abilities, imagination, insight, and mental agility.

  1. African Cinema Unit (ACU)
  2. Department of African Gender Institute
  3. Centre for African Studies
  4. Department of Afrikaans and Netherlandic Studies


  • Faculty of Law

The faculty has exceptional professionals who are excellent instructors, researchers, and prominent authors in their fields, which is consistent with our belief that teaching should be research-led. The faculty received the first DST/NRF SARChI Research Chair in the Humanities; two professors are NRF- and A-rated researchers. Our faculty members have received international teaching honors, and two of our employees have received Distinguished Teachers’ Awards. Not to mention, the outstanding law library has more than 85 000 books and 284 of the best journals. It is connected to major electronic databases.

  1. Commercial Law
  2. Department of Public Law

 THERE are short courses also available powered through GetSmarter

Construction Management
Supply Chain Management
Paralegal Practitioner
Project Management Foundations
Business Systems Analysis
Public Management and Governance
Property Development and Investment
IT Management
Public Sector Financial Reporting
Blockchain and Digital Currency: The Future of Money
Compliance Management
Managing Technical Professionals
Data Science with Python
Payroll and Tax Administration
Occupational Health and Safety
Advanced Project Management
Change Management
Business Risk Management
Training and Development Management
Social Media Marketing
Copywriting for Digital Marketing
Digital Photography
Commercial and Contract Law
Business Development Management
Fintech: Disruption in Finance
Professional Communication and Office Management
Cost and Management Accounting
Foundations of Business Management
Financial Modelling and Analysis
Strategic Business Management
Web Design
Investment Management
Compliance Essentials
Feature Journalism
Small Business: Growth and Management
Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Self-Care
User Experience Design
Sports Management: Business Principles in Sport
Tax Law
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Import, Export and Logistics Management
Digital Marketing
Sales Management
Marketing Analytics: Strategy and Decision-Making
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Communication and Influence in the Digital Age
Events Management
Facilities Management
Public Relations (PR)
Executive Support
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Data Protection and Privacy
Human Resource (HR) Management
Practical Labour Law
Financing and Valuing Commercial Property
Public Sector Audit and Governance
Data Analysis
Operations Management
Product Management
South African Public Sector Structures, Functions, and Finance
Graphic Design
Basics of Financial Management
Agile Project Management
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
Teaching With Technology
Property Management: Marketing, Contracts, and Administration
Executive and Management Coaching
Business Analytics
Brand Management
Market Research, Consumer Insights, and Competitor Analysis
Advanced Business Risk Management
Instructional Design
Leading Diversity and Inclusion at Work
Programme Management: A Monitoring and Evaluation Approach

These short courses are mostly done online, which allows students to learn at their own pace and according to their own timetable. UCT also has a summer school that runs for three weeks in January each year.


University of Cape Town Online Application 2023-2024

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