Executive Director-Surgical Specialties

By | January 12, 2023

Executive Director-Surgical Specialties

Executive Director-Surgical Specialties

Primary Location Renton, Washington

Job Number 1148840

Date posted 01/11/2023


This position has a basic pay range of $255,000 to $287,000 and is also qualified for relocation assistance, comprehensive health, wellness, time off, savings, and retirement benefits.


Job Summary:

The Senior Medical Director (SMD), who establishes the clinical vision for the service line and care delivery team, is the Executive Director's dyad partner and reports to the Vice President of Ambulatory Operations (VPAO). Along with the SMD, the Executive Director will integrate and put into practice the necessary standards of care and service delivery models for the staff, directors, managers, and physicians delivering healthcare services within their defined service lines. The implementation of Kaiser Permanente strategies, particularly the promotion of the clinical integration model, for the designated service line is the Executive Director's main responsibility. This will lead to improved financial, growth, and quality performance.
Create a culture where there is a strong commitment to providing members of the community with high-quality, low-cost care, as well as to teamwork, professionalism, creativity, personal responsibility and accountability, financial performance, and moral and legal behavior.
Manage performance and deliver on the annual goals by establishing clear objectives, effective communication, aligning resources with priorities, implementing appropriate performance measures and metrics, and making informed decisions. Maintaining full responsibility of the overall function of the financial service areas and cost centers, adhering to financial and accounting procedures and managing expenditures is a fiscally responsible manner. Develop and implement a market-specific strategy plan in collaboration with leaders across the organization to improve performance and highlight the value we provide. Utilize data and health information technology as a basis to support the fulfillment of clinical and financial goals.
Represent Kaiser Permanente in the neighborhood and cultivate productive collaborations with possible partners who want to share responsibility for outcomes that benefit our patients, develop our company, and enhance our reputation.

Significant Duties:

  • Strategic Approach

Develop and oversee the implementation of service line strategies and workplans in keeping with the organization's operating plan, mission, and vision.

In order to achieve breakthrough performance, you should take the initiative in developing, delivering, and managing the designated services and models, which should include constant improvement and transformative models across the service line.

Give strategic leadership at the executive level, advice, and suggestions regarding the areas of accountability.

Keep up with the most recent developments in public policy and healthcare.

guarantees adherence to the administrative, legal, and regulatory requirements of the Health Plan Contract as well as those of the government and accrediting organizations.

Manage trends in medical expense reduction programs and other company objectives.

Represent Kaiser Permanente by emphasizing integrated delivery to the neighborhood.

  • Business Development

Together with other physician executives, such as the senior medical director, establish market strategies and business alliances with the sales and broker groups.

Join forces with teams of product designers to develop innovative insurance products.

Participate in workgroups to investigate new prospects, joint ventures, and other innovations with organizations that support the region's strategic plan and growth opportunities. Participate in the expansion of network providers and contracts throughout the region.

Find and assess opportunities in the designated market to increase enrollment and enhance cost, quality, access, and service performance. Create and preserve connections with healthcare organizations, hospitals, customers, and influential local decision-makers.

  • Operations Management & Performance Improvement

Initiate and manage complex change management and improvement projects related to the goals of staff involvement, access, service, clinical quality and safety, and affordability. Create and take part in projects that encourage organizational alignment and enhance performance

Plan, organize, lead, and oversee the functioning of assigned areas (such as general administration, patient care, professional services, and/or a combination of these and other services) both directly and through subordinates.

Create and participate in regional and service line projects that advance organizational alignment and enhance performance.

Establish, track, and improve the service line's key performance indicators (KPIs), which are used to track progress and identify trends. Set industry-leading goals for clinical quality, service, and access. Keep an eye on performance and start making changes to reach or surpass goals.

Establish staffing models, standard work, KPIs, dashboards, and training development requirements for service line programs.

Set productivity, practice, and workload requirements for all service lines and departments.

In charge of designing, overseeing, and regulating the service line's capital, non-payroll, and payroll budgets and expenditures as well as the department's budget and resource plan

supervising the development and observance of the overall service and quality plan

Inform the capital program and service line equipment.

Participate in the creation of policies

  • Operational Excellence

Assists VPAO in providing management with strategic leadership to guarantee equitable resource allocation, the provision of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare, and effective staff management in compliance with goals, objectives, policies, and applicable regulatory agency rules and regulations.

Create, direct, and take responsibility for administration of services for system, operation, and facility resource optimisation; Ensure efficient operations by utilizing productivity-improving tools and techniques in addition to strategies that promote the proper use of all goods and services.

encourage the quick creation and adoption of best practices to standardize and improve services from a quality, safety, financial, and operational standpoint.

Create cross-service line and internal departmental SLAs and care coordination procedures.

  • Staff Management & Engagement

Direct control over subspecialty programs and leaders

Responsible for all facets of the overall performance of the workforce, including hiring new talent, fostering employee growth, conducting performance reviews with the assigned employees, and taking disciplinary action, up to and including firing.

Develop operational managers and medical leaders through mentoring

Create and uphold strategic alliances with labor leaders; Act as the point of contact for all service line arbitrations and disputes

Discuss each member's performance with the leadership team individually, and take part in senior leader rounding exercises on the premises where applicable services are being provided.

Utilizing performance management, assessment, and training, ensure highly competent employees and managers.

Create a supportive workplace that fosters development, honest communication, and job satisfaction for carers; Reinforce the values and leadership culture that support Kaiser Permanente's mission and vision.

creates and maintains management structures, techniques, and procedures that allow highly effective managers and teams to include personnel in accomplishing Kaiser Permanente's objectives.

  • Leadership, Partnership, & Communication

Work well with your doctor dyad partner (s)

Exude desired cultural behaviors that are consistent with the mission, vision, and objectives of the KP Medical Foundation and Enterprise.

Set a positive example by being honest, open, and dedicated to providing unmatched levels of service and culture change.

As the organization undergoes change, which is inevitable, provide leadership and direction that incorporates various viewpoints and fosters ownership.

Encourage information sharing and open, efficient dialogue between KP staff members, medical staff, and physician leadership.

Engage patients/customers directly when necessary, particularly in relation to service recovery initiatives and suggestions from the patient advisory group (s)

  • Other

Engages in community relations initiatives to improve the organization's image and reputation in regional customer service locations. represents the organization in events involving local leaders in business, politics, labor, and the community at large, as well as Health Plan Members.

more tasks as needed.


Read also employees expected conduct for this job

Basic Qualifications:
  • Minimum eight (8) years of relevant clinical and healthcare management experience, specifically:
    • Experience managing clinical services working in a complex, multi-faceted health care setting.
    • Experience working with a large physician group practice managing through influence and collaboration.
  • Bachelor-s degree in Healthcare, business administration or related field.
License, Certification, Registration
  • N/A
Additional Requirements:
  • Extensive experience working in a complex, multispecialty medical group environment(s); must have examples of successful collaborative efforts in a business partnership with clinical, business, physician, and labor leaders
  • Strong communication skills characteristic of an executive who excels in communicating in a variety of formal and informal presentation settings, large and small, both inside and outside the organization, and issuing cogent and consistent written messages that build confidence and achieve desired outcomes
  • Knowledge of health care delivery systems, clinical care and services, and associated regulatory requirements. Knowledge of health maintenance organizations, managed care environments and modern health care management in an integrated health care delivery system.
  • Demonstrated skills in strategy development, financial management, operations improvement efforts, and cost-management initiatives.
  • Record of positive relationships with providers, managers and staff that strengthen engagement, quality and service; ability to select and develop effective managers. Demonstrated ability to constructively challenge established ways of doing things to lead improvement and change.
  • Ability to communicate effectively within a large, complex, diverse organization.
  • Thorough knowledge of legal, regulatory, ethical, managerial, organizational requirements, principles, and standards of care for healthcare systems
  • Experience assessing programs, evaluating organizational needs, designing process changes, and successfully implementing changes to process flow and patient care
  • Experience with integrating systems and services to efficiently maximize service and to support the organizations mission and goals
  • Extensive financial planning and management skills as well as excellent complex problem-solving skills
  • The ability to balance strategic development and day-to-day operational responsibilities
  • Demonstrated skills in team building and organizational development
  • Excellent problem solving and negotiating skills
  • Ability to work in a Labor Management/Partnership environment as demonstrated through established experience.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Proficiency with KP integrated model, operations, and markets is strongly preferred
  • Master-s degree in MPH, MPA, MBA or related healthcare field preferred.
  • Experience developing performance metrics and maintaining accountability in key areas of member satisfaction, quality improvement, finance, and delivery system performance is strongly preferred.
Primary Location: Washington,Renton,Renton Administration – Baker
Scheduled Weekly Hours: 40
Shift: Day
Workdays: M-F
Working Hours Start: 08:00 AM
Working Hours End: 05:00 PM
Job Schedule: Full-time
Job Type: Standard
Employee Status: Regular
Employee Group/Union Affiliation: NUE Executives|NUE|Non Union Employee
Job Level: Director/Senior Director
Department: Po/Ho Corp – Rgnl Clearing KPWA Cooperative – 0308
Travel: No



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