IV Pharmacy Technician- 40 hrs, Clackamas

By | December 14, 2022

IV Pharmacy Technician- 40 hrs, Clackamas

IV Pharmacy Technician- 40 hrs, Clackamas

Primary Location Clackamas, Oregon

Job Number 1137368

Date posted 12/14/2022



Job Summary:
Under the direct supervision of the pharmacist and in cooperation with the medical staff, the IV technician offers customer-focused services to members in the technical elements of pharmaceutical care and intravenous pharmaceutical compounding.
Significant Duties:
  • Overall Individual Responsibilities:
Supports organizational and departmental rules and procedures within the Partnership as part of their overall personal responsibilities. When unable to perform in a safe, effective, or role-appropriate manner, the person seeks supervision/consultation or refers to another resource. displays honesty and ethics in their interactions with members and other staff by maintaining a professional appearance and manner. complies with HIPAA regulatory obligations by handling member and employee information with the proper sensitivity and protection to ensure confidentiality and the right to privacy. displays and applies the organization’s policies and procedures for safety, sterile product handling, and infection control in daily actions.
actively supports organizational rules and departmental processes, such as established cash handling and asset management practices. supports promotes, and applies the established behavioral and interpersonal standards of conduct, as developed through the Labor/Management Partnership, including those on attendance, mutual respect, and support, honoring diversity, effective communication, and improving the working environment. This helps the team work effectively as a unit. demonstrates flexibility when changing job assignments to fit the team’s workload and needs for service delivery. assumes responsibility for locating, creating, and adapting new rules and procedures that enhance the standard of the job and the services provided.
  • Overall Job Responsibilities:
Principal Tasks and Responsibilities (based on environment/location). Maintains compliance with current regional and departmental policies and procedures in all cash-handling activities. takes measures to protect money and reduce the chance of theft or robbery. puts the day’s starting cash fund in the cash register and runs it in accordance with specified norms and procedures. carries out the daily cash-out process, including balancing or noting disparities in accordance with departmental policies and procedures. Compiles the daily and month-end cash reports thoroughly and accurately. keeps work logs as required. ensures that financial differences are kept within the bounds of area norms. demonstrates expertise and aptitude for using cash register systems to successfully execute the sale. provides a cash receipt to each patient. Has promptly cosigned refunds and canceled transactions. after each transaction, shut the cash drawer.
  • Customer-Focused Service:
Throughout all exchanges, extends a sympathetic, considerate, and respectful greeting to all members. maintains eye contact while listening intently. respects personal space and upholds utmost discretion. demonstrates an effective response to needs. triage member needs and concerns appropriately. Effectively handles issues to satisfy organizational and member needs. demonstrates professionalism and objectivity when handling challenging interactions and/or service failures. Makes eye contact, smiles uses a polite voice tone and says “please” and “thank you” when greeting members. connects with members in a way that is understandable, encouraging, and instructive and addresses them by their correct title and last name.
Provides helpful assistance, taking the time to carefully explain and resolve issues of member concern or taking personal responsibility to connect the member with the appropriate person. Inspires confidence from members, visitors, and other employees by performing in a highly professional and informative manner at all times. Remains attentive to members in the waiting area. When delays occur, inform members of the reason. Avoids personal conversations when members are waiting for service. Respect at all times the confidentiality and privacy of members and their medical information. Always uses complete discretion when discussing member matters. Adheres to the Regions Quality of Service Guidelines.
  • Phone Handling:
Answers the phone while exercising complete discretion regarding patient confidentiality, receiving, processing, and relaying messages as necessary. Answers the phone by stating the name, address (such as Kaiser Rockwood Pharmacy), and the proper greeting (ex. good morning, good afternoon, etc.). shows proficiency using the phone system, including calling, stacking, and transferring. when necessary, makes a request for help. assigns the proper resource in a hierarchy. provides a chance for the caller to respond before being put on hold. Within one call transfer, satisfies member requests; remains on the line until the extension is answered to announce the caller in confidence. adheres to the department’s and region’s current phone handling guidelines.
  • Transactions Concerning Members/Medications:

To guarantee that all medications are accurately sold to the right patient, one must ask for proper identification and record information in accordance with regional regulations and procedures. Refer any inquiries or worries about a lack of identification, potential fraud, or possible abuse to the supervisor or PIC. maintains records of all information relating to a medicine distribution irregularity and follows up on them in accordance with established policies and procedures. acknowledges the value of accuracy in the issuance of prescriptions and the sale of OTC medications. participates actively in departmental quality control activities. obeys the pharmacy technician’s duty to give the member the proper information. Refer all inquiries for prescription, over-the-counter, and other health-related products to a pharmacist in compliance with HIPAA regulations and local confidentially rules.


  • Managing Stock, Supplies, and Work Area (variable according to the specific worksite/location): 

Keeps the workplace and waiting spaces tidy and organized at all times; routinely participates in department cleaning; regularly cleans all shelves. Regularly unpacks and stores supplies, checks received goods against invoices, and, in accordance with standards and procedures, places perishables such as antibiotics in refrigerators. Verifies that all items have been received and that the costs are accurate by comparing invoices to orders. In accordance with established policies, notify the relevant person of any discrepancies. demonstrates knowledge of and aptitude for ordering the necessary pharmacy supplies (source such as wholesaler, PSC, General Stores). reduces the amount of out-of-date medications and unnecessary inventory stock and storage by ordering the appropriate quantity of drugs and supplies, and it notifies customers of vendor changes.Organizes out-of-date, overstock and recalled goods to be regularly returned to the wholesaler and/or regional warehouse for credit. organizes unclaimed prescriptions for return to stock and computer system deletion of the fills. Maintains a sufficient supply of over-the-counter (OTC) goods and employs the proper merchandising techniques to ensure proper stock rotation, tidy shelving look, cleanliness, and pricing. oversees and keeps track of supplies and inventories to ensure effective workflow (i.e. filling vial bins, bags, filing prescriptions, etc.). updates and maintains reference sources for drugs and medical information when new information becomes available (i.e., Facts and Comparisons, PPL Updates, etc). reconciles invoices as directed by the supervisor at the end of the month. A return authorization form with confirmation is present (BBDC). takes care of FOA returns (BBDC). Completes nursing/module orders accurately, including accurate invoicing. Adheres to regional policies, applicable state and federal laws, and regulations, properly processing invoices, prescription records, and archives. assures proper accountability and vaccination storage standards. ensures that all drug storage equipment is functioning properly (including refrigerators, freezers, Baker Cells, etc). complies with regional asset management requirements and supports physical inventory methods and policies. respects the policies for inventory control when ordering and receiving drug inventory.


  • Prescription Processing and Compounding:

According to policies and procedures, accurately and thoroughly enter all prescriptions and/or patient data into the TOPS System. uses the appropriate short codes to indicate the right product, packaging size, strength, name of the doctor, and instructions. Enters pertinent comments in the comment area and records them together with other pertinent information on the call slip for the pharmacists to review. accurately enters the proper co-pays, fees, and billing methods. determines when a manual label is necessary and types it appropriately in accordance with specified label requirements. Checks to make sure the name provided on the screen matches the name on the prescription and is accurate. accurately determines the right medicine and package size, checking the printed label for accuracy (including the manufacturer) (s). calculates the quantities required for conversions to and with the appropriate signs in a precise manner. ensures that FOAs, prescription orders sent off-site, and exceptional circumstances are handled correctly. Follows departmental guidelines when filling, processing, handling, and keeping secure prescriptions for prescribed drugs. promptly delivers a completed prescription to the pharmacist for inspection and confirmation. keeps their proficiency in the correct running, rectification, and interpretation of all regular prescription-related system reports. keeps work logs as required. accurately calculates and verifies the ingredients used in impromptu compounding, and accurately records the information in the logbook.


  • IV Admixture Services: 

Enables the effective management of the IV admixture service. Upon receiving physician instructions from all clinical areas, aseptically produces all sterile admixture requests for members in accordance with existing policies and procedures. Maintains patient profile information and prescription files as necessary. Assists the IV pharmacist in accepting prescription orders for infusion therapy from both internal and external referrals. informs pharmacists of any issues that arise with patients while the service is being provided. orders and keeps adequate stock levels of IV medications and supplies in accordance with contracts. aids in the accurate accounting and transportation of IV medicines to and from acute and ambulatory cost centers. Cooperates with the staff at the infusion center to pinpoint any unique requirements or shifting needs for medications and IV medical supplies. keeps accurate logs and records of the cleaning of biomedical equipment. carries out different testing and quality assurance procedures as necessary. Organizes the delivery or pickup of infusion drugs and supplies and assembles the necessary supplies. Ensures the mixing area and its equipment are clean, and the IV room is stocked and organized properly. helps with regular recertification of ancillary staff and aseptic technique training for incoming pharmacy trainees.


  • Data Management:

Refill information is entered, and responses to information displayed on the screen are made in a way that is suitable and in conformity with established policies and procedures. Refill authorizations are created and handled in accordance with policies and procedures. demonstrates the ability to make wise judgments about how to handle medications, such as recognizing whether to renew an Rx or when to contact the prescribing doctor for clarification (i.e., no strength on Rx). accurately gathers data about demography. sends a precise and detailed message via written communication or technological information technologies. Fills out refill forms and reacts to screen prompts and information in a way that is suitable and in line with the most recent policies and guidelines. Creates, handles, and sends refill authorizations in accordance with policies and procedures. Fills out the refill authorization form completely and accurately, understanding when to add refills, renew, or reference solutions RPh for clarification. At the supervisor’s, RPh’s, or member’s request, generates computer-based reports in compliance with HIPAA regulations (tax report). keeps work logs as required.


Basic Qualifications:
  • N/A
  • High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED) is required.
License, Certification, Registration
  • Licensed Pharmacy Technicians (in the state where care is provided) required to hire


Additional Conditions:

  • Completion of an accredited Pharmacy Technician training program or a minimum of two (2) years of experience as a Pharmacy Technician or certified as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT – Pharmacy Tech Certification Board or ICPhT – Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Techs).
  • Read and speak English well.
  • Be sure to spell everything accurately and write clearly.
  • Effective written, spoken, and nonverbal communication is a must.
  • Serve the needs of the client.
  • Calculate math thoroughly, paying specific attention to concentrations, dilution, and aliquots.
  • Show that you have a history of punctual attendance.
  • Change the team dynamics for the better.
  • Work efficiently in a hectic, demanding setting.
  • Process sterile items in laminar flow conditions, both horizontally and vertically.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Evidence of the following work experience and/or documented attributes: Multi-tasking. Cash handling. Personal computer skills. Strong attention to detail. Work experience in retail, business office or other service industry setting. Team player. Flexible. Previous IV technician work experience.
  • Post-high-school course in medical terminology.


Primary Location: Oregon, Clackamas,Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center
Scheduled Weekly Hours: 40
Shift: Variable
Workdays: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Working Hours Start: 06:00 AM
Working Hours End: 05:59 AM
Job Schedule: Full-time
Job Type: Standard
Employee Status: Regular
Employee Group/Union Affiliation: W07|UFCW|Local 555
Job Level: Individual Contributor
Department: Sunnyside Medical Center – Inpatient Pharmacy-1 – 1001
Travel: Yes, 5 % of the Time


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