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Polysomnographic Technologist

Polysomnographic Technologist

Polysomnographic Technologist

Polysomnographic Technologist

Primary Location San Jose, California
Job Number 1147374
Date posted 01/24/2023
The polysomnographic technologist is in charge of setting up the lab, connecting patients, and carrying out and analyzing ambulatory and overnight polysomnograms. autonomously operates complicated medical equipment safely in order to capture sleep and wake physiology. Expected to do any and all tasks necessary for each shift as a team member. The efficiency of the entire team depends on each tech. Task sequencing, methodologies, and procedures are established in accordance with worldwide norms, standards, and Sleep Clinic policy. It is anticipated of the polysomnographic tech to keep a schedule that includes day, evening, and night shifts.

Significant Duties:

• Examines the patient’s current medical records, confirms physician orders before data collection, and puts lab methods and procedures into practice. demonstrates an understanding of prevalent sleep disorders. demonstrates an understanding of and proficiency with established testing processes. performs accurate and fast calibrations of lab computer equipment. Knowledge of the theory and use of polygraphs is demonstrated. Knowledge of the theory and functioning of ancillary devices is evident. uses montages from sleep clinics appropriately. has the capacity to solve technical issues quickly and effectively.

• Distributes ambulatory aids and supplies. explains to patients the hook-up and testing procedures for overnight testing. Apply electrodes and sensors to the patient in a precise and secure manner in accordance with clinic policies and procedures. correctly and with safety inserts PES in accordance with clinic policies and practices. During titration tests, the patient is properly fitted for a nasal mask.

• Follows defined protocols and processes when carrying out data gathering and acquisition tasks. accurately identifying and removing artifacts during data gathering to meet quality standards dispenses medications to patients as directed by a doctor and in accordance with policies and procedures. appropriately reacts to the needs of the patient’s care. follows the policies and procedures of the Sleep Clinic when doing CPAP and bi-level titrations. provides thorough tech notes, log sheets, and instructions for polysomnographic testing procedures. creates a thorough technician report that takes into account testing methods, patient testing results, and environmental effects. performs a urine test in accordance with policy and procedure.

• Adheres to the policies and procedures for infection prevention. takes all necessary safeguards. reports dangerous conditions right away. complies with emergency protocol during testing or sleep recording methods. demonstrates an understanding of emergency resuscitation techniques. Reprocesses packages and prepares supplies in accordance with Sleep Clinic’s supply processing policies and guidelines.

• When necessary, looks for resources for guidance. communicates differently to meet the unique demands of different ages. Equipment is chosen and practice is modified to meet the demands of different age groups. Accepts the patient and family without regard to their ethnicity, gender, disease process, way of life, sexual orientation, or religious or cultural views. complies with policies and procedures while dealing with patient and nonpatient emergencies. aids in the delivery of patient education about processes and equipment during in-services. demonstrates the capacity to deliver timely, effective patient follow-up care and information. keeps patients’ privacy intact.

• Uses the proper manual or electronic systems to manage information. shows knowledge of and skill with a file management system. maintains discretion. records clinical information thoroughly, precisely, and within the allotted time. adequately demonstrates attention to detail in a lab setting. demonstrates a scientific, meticulous, well-organized, and timely approach to data analysis. keeps the estimated competency rate for data analysis at 1.5 hours per file. books appointments and reviews consult.


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Basic Qualifications:
• Two (2) years of experience as a Medical Assistant or other equivalent related health care experience.
• Twelve (12) to Eighteen (18) months of experience in the field of Polysomnography required.
• High School Diploma/GED required.
• Graduation from a polysomnographic educational program approved by the Medical Board of California required.
• To become registered:
Must have graduated from a polysomnographic educational program approved by the Board.
License, Certification, Registration
• Current BLS issued by the American Heart Association required.
• Current Registered Polysomnographic Technician (RPSGT) Certification required.
• Current registration as a polysomnographic technologist by the Medical Board of California is required.
• Medical Assistant Certificate or other related Health Care experience.
• Must have passed a national certifying examination approved by the Board, specifically the examination given by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.
• Must have a valid, current credential as a polysomnographic technologist issued by a national accrediting agency approved by the Board, specifically the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.
Until 10/22/12, a polysomnographic technologist applicant may satisfy the requirements above by submitting proof that he or she has been practicing polysomnography safely for at least five (5) years.
Additional Requirements:
• Demonstrated proven knowledge and competency in all aspects of Polysomnographic testing and procedures.
• Computer proficiency and attention to detail are required.
• Strong organizational and interpersonal skills are required.
• Ability to work independently and accomplish a multitude of tasks within a team structure.
• Ability to communicate effectively with all hospital staff, physicians, and the general public.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Some colleges preferred.• Aptitude in utilizing standard laboratory equipment preferred.
Primary Location: California, San Jose, San Jose Building 6
Scheduled Weekly Hours: 36
Shift: Night
Workdays: Tue, Wed, Thu *Expected length of employment up to 3 months
Working Hours Start: 06:00 PM
Working Hours End: 06:30 AM
Job Schedule: Part-time
Job Type: Standard
Employee Status: Temporary
Employee Group/Union Affiliation: A01|SEIU|United Health workers
Job Level: Individual Contributor
Department: San Jose Hospital – Neurology-Sleep Laboratory – 0206
Pay Range: $43.18 – $47.83
Travel: No

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