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UKZN  Online Courses 2023-2024

UKZN Online Courses 2023-2024

UKZN  Online Courses 2023-2024

UKZN  Online Courses 2023-2024

UKZN Online Courses 2023-2024

About the UKZN  Online Courses 2023-2024

Universities are forced to switch to alternate modalities of teaching and learning in light of the current circumstances in South Africa and many other nations due to the spread of Covid-19. UKZN has created an online learning strategy that enables all of your classroom activities to be conducted online through the MOODLE Learning management system as an alternative to traditional classroom learning where you attend classes in person on campus (LMS). Visit https://learn2022.ukzn.ac.za to access MOODLE. With your LAN login and password, you can log in. You will instantly get access to the courses you have registered for on the MOODLE dashboard once you are logged in. Watch the introduction video below for a quick tutorial on using MOODLE at UKZN.


What content will be offered on Learn2022?

  • The entirety of the course materials for your module is in various formats, including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Use online forums to communicate asynchronously with your instructor and fellow students.
  • Assignments for the course come in a variety of formats, including research papers, timed quizzes, and short tests.
  • Your notice board for significant notices will be the course announcement.

In order to create professionals capable of tackling societal concerns in South Africa and around the world, the University of KwaZulu Natal is dedicated to investing in research and innovation. To find out more about the courses offered at each university campus, keep reading.

In order to create the University of KwaZulu Natal, the Universities of KwaZulu Natal and Durban-Westville combined in January 2004. (UKZN). The institution provides a huge selection of courses throughout its five locations.


To find more details about the courses for UKZN, click here for the UKZN PROSPECTUS HERE


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