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Cashier Receptionist Scheduler Imaging

Cashier Receptionist Scheduler Imaging

Cashier Receptionist Scheduler Imaging

Cashier Receptionist Scheduler Imaging

Primary Location San Mateo, California
Job Number 1135097
Date posted 01/28/2023
A member of the Imaging/Radiology department’s health care team, the cashier receptionist/scheduler works under the direction, guidance, and supervision of the department manager, assistant manager, or designee. All patients reporting to the medical office are greeted and checked in by the cashier receptionist/scheduler in a friendly and professional manner. Accurate check-in, scheduling, revenue collection, and protecting revenue for all patients fall within the purview of this position. Assisting patients with inquiries and concerns requires knowledge of departmental operations and procedures as well as a broad understanding of the medical center. requires frequent interaction with the public as well as extensive computer use. need scheduling to take up at least 50% of your time.

Significant Duties:

Consumer Assistance

acts as a representative of Kaiser Permanente by acting with courtesy, respect, and friendliness toward and around our patients and members. assumes responsibility at the point of service for the client experience.

maintains a professional approach, presentation, and physical environment while creating an inviting environment.

welcomes patients, assists with facility directions, offers information, responds to inquiries, and escalates problems as necessary

actively seeks out information to comprehend the member’s or patient’s conditions, issues, needs, and wants

Responds to patient problems, concerns, and difficulties as needed, and escalate to management

relates to additional divisions and administrative functions

consistently shows the values and actions of service

recognizes and incorporates the patient Bill of Rights and the Kaiser Permanente Mission into contact with patients.

Demonstrates service-oriented habits, such as respect for other cultures and good manners, in all interactions with patients, members, doctors, staff, and guests.

relates to patients and visitors in a way that is appropriate for their age, stage of development, and culture

helps clients/members

aids in providing facility directions

cites more departments and administrative services, such as Member Services, Medical Secretaries, Financial Counseling, and Billing, for more details.

After the arrival and registration processes are complete, the patient is directed to the proper area.

Use the services of Language Line, QBS, and ASL as necessary.

demonstrates good telephone manners

is polite and expert when using the telephone.

transmits complete, clear, and correct communications to the proper recipient.


Enrollment and Systems

abide with the necessary patient registration policies and guidelines

adheres to departmental procedures when using the registration script

Patients are registered by adhering to regulations and procedures, using the proper electronic systems, or manually recording visits when the systems aren’t working.


uses and navigates a variety of organizational structures

such as an email system, appointment system, or registration system

alerts to system and process changes and accesses, reviews, and keeps current with the required reference resources.

performs all actions required by a technical system to carry out all responsibilities for the work as envisaged.

when executing the registration function, has an understanding of how actions may affect invoicing, clinical or regulatory reporting, cost share collection, etc.

If necessary, start downtime measures.

Other registration obligations could be:

whenever necessary, obtains a patient’s medical record number.

sets up clinic follow-up appointments

adds extra patient data to the electronic database.

patient screening for metallic objects before MRI

recommends financial counseling to patients

takes possession of, records, and releases patient valuables

maintains, if necessary, the patient will-call box

The responsibilities listed below for arranging Same Day appointments will be used at registration.


Data Quality for Registration and Documentation

ensures that the patient is who they claim to be and documents the patient’s identity in accordance with the prescribed protocols.

Verifies and accurately records demographic data as well as other important patient information, including:


Identifying Data

Ensures that patient forms are completed and reception paperwork is made in accordance with the registration system’s prompts and departmental procedures.

You could hand out pertinent brochures.



has some familiarity with the benefits of health insurance.

Basic knowledge and grasp of the guiding concepts for Health Plan coverages, such as (but not limited to) traditional, deductible coinsurance, and self-funding plans, are demonstrated.

Patients should receive a basic explanation of coverage and benefits, but for more sophisticated inquiries, patients should be directed to the proper sources.

based on the benefit information shown in the electronic systems, determines the patient’s membership and benefits.

Trusts the patient for benefit and coverage information in the absence of computerized information.

In order to bill the government, commercial, third-party payers, or other financial sponsors, insurance information must be requested from patients and verified, including information about Medicare Secondary Payor.

establishes the proper accounts and insurance coverages in the system.


Cash Handling and Revenue Collection

Handling Money and Getting Money


respects all applicable policies and guidelines for handling cash.

follows the terms of the Cash Handling Responsibility Agreement when handling income, reconciling shifts, and depositing money.

Organizes the safeguarding of change money, all shift-related revenue, assigned revenue records, and cash control key assignments.

obtains, safeguards, and ensures that there are enough denominations to offer change.

employs the appropriate procedures to record and report differences.

Identifies problems and tries to find solutions for cash anomalies in the cash drawer and change fund.

When a Financial Counselor is not available, obtain confirmation and any necessary pending authorizations from non-KP insurers (such as Medicare, Medi-Cal, and COB) for members and non-members.

explains to patients that a bill can be sent to them based on their insurance and the services they received.

Never refuse or postpone providing services because of a patient’s financial situation.

Determine member obligation using the benefit plan (e.g.IVF, etc.)

Obtains and documents the appropriate patient cost share.

finds unpaid revenue from patients and collects it.

Informs patients of available payment methods and other crucial details regarding their financial obligations.

provides patients with a basic explanation of cost sharing.

Utilizes overrides to facilitate cost-sharing, in accordance with registration standards and procedures.


several obligations

manage and complete duties unique to the department

complies with all regional, departmental, and facility policies and procedures.

Team and departmental obligations

Whenever necessary, communicates with clinical and non-clinical staff.

communicates with other staff members and doctors in the ED, the Medical Center, and the community in a clear, appropriate, and productive manner.

works to achieve successful operational results.

carries out additional tasks as needed.

The aforementioned tasks cannot take up more than 50% of your time.

Planning – These responsibilities must take up at least 50% of your time:


By organizing patient information with doctors or technologists, you can make it easier for patients to be scheduled on time.

Obtain orders, assist with arranging suitable scheduling, and tell patients of information.

Before scheduling, check to see whether there is a staff message to the ordering physician.

Prioritize cases and referrals in accordance with defined standards.

When necessary, makes contact with the patient to schedule the exam, procedure, and follow-up visits in accordance with the approved protocols and time constraints.

Use protocols to decide and convey the appropriate patient preparation, such as screening for allergies, running lab testing, and scheduling prerequisite exams.

Notify the patient or member of their cost-sharing requirements, and if necessary, administer screening tests.

Notify the doctor to request any necessary tests or medications in accordance with protocol.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

Grade 04


Read also employees expected conduct for this job


Basic Qualifications:
  • One (1) year of work experience involving customer service and cash handling, cash balance or reconciliation within the last 3 years.
  • High School Diploma/GED.
License, Certification, Registration
  • N/A
Additional Requirements:
  • Basic knowledge and use of computer including the passing of a PC skills assessment
  • Typing 35 WPM and 10-key proficiency
  • Proficiency in both verbal and written formats
  • Basic addition and subtraction math skills, including the passing of Math assessment
  • Ability to multi-task, organize, manage time and prioritize workflow in a complex environment.
  • Must be willing to work in a Labor Management Partnership environment.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Previous experience in a healthcare setting preferred.

Grade 04

Primary Location: California, San Mateo, San Mateo Medical Offices
Scheduled Weekly Hours: 32
Shift: Day
Workdays: Week 1: Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat (8a-430pm) Week 2: Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri (8a-430pm) *May rotate to Redwood City.
Working Hours Start: 08:00 AM
Working Hours End: 04:30 PM
Job Schedule: Part-time
Job Type: Standard
Employee Status: Regular
Employee Group/Union Affiliation: A01|SEIU|United Health workers
Job Level: Entry Level
Department: San Mateo Medical Offices – Radiology-Receptionist – 0206
Travel: Yes, 15 % of the Time

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