UFS Accommodation 2023-2024

By | February 18, 2023

UFS Accommodation 2023-2024

UFS Accommodation 2023-2024

UFS Accommodation 2023-2024

About UFS Accommodation 2023-2024

There is a waiting list for candidates because demand is so high for our houses. In order to guarantee a spot in one of the on-campus homes, please mention your preference on the application form for studies beginning in 2023.
Living in student housing at the UFS may be a very exciting and gratifying experience, and it will quickly become your second home. You will have access to a whole new network of friendships as a Kovsie student that has the potential to last a lifetime. On campus, there are many people from various linguistic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. After you graduate, having lived and learned in such a diversified environment will give you a distinct advantage over many other job applicants, which will be beneficial to you in the long run.
If you want to reserve a spot in an on-campus residence, you need to mention so on the application form for studies in 2023.
Male and female students live together in co-ed housing communities. Despite the fact that both male and female students live in coed dorms, they have separate hallways and bathrooms. Access to blocks, pods, and corridors is regulated.

Students that live off campus in private homes, student houses, townhouses, apartments, rooms, etc. make up a day residence. Members in day residences must make their own arrangements for off-campus housing.

Even if you don't live on campus, you can still take part in planned student activities by living in a day residence. We place a high value on giving you the chance to participate in both academic and extracurricular activities on campus in order to grow as a whole person. You can take part in all the activities provided by campus residents if you live in a day residence.

Day residences offer to students who are living off campus
the following:
• mentorship and academic support
• learning and social spaces on campus where you can study and
hang out with your friends
• access to UFS programs and resources
• opportunities to develop holistically
• sharing innovative ideas
• growth
• a vibrant social life to build relationships
• fun, and fun, and more fun

You must meet the following requirements in order to live in a college residence:

• Include on your application for studies beginning in 2022 that you need on-campus housing.

• be prepared with your R960 breakage deposit in case you are chosen to be placed in a residence (see the placement process on the application form); and

•Please pay attention to the requirements for academic admission to dormitories. Verify that your admittance point (AP) satisfies the requirements.

Click here to access the application form for the junior residency application. This application is only available for registered students.

It is very important to take note of the following academic requirements for junior residences:



• Because there is a limited amount of space in each community, meeting the minimum admission requirements for your chosen or intended program of study does not guarantee placement in a resident on campus.

• Admission to a residence requires a minimum Grade 12 AP score of 30.

• Your academic merit is assessed using the university's most recent admission point calculation, whether those results are from Grade 11 or Grade 12.

• If your final Grade 12 AP is less than 30, yet you were admitted to a residence based on your Grade 11 AP, your admission to that residence will be revoked.

• You can still apply for a residence even if your current AP (Grade 11 final results or Grade 12 June results) is below 30.

• If you are enrolled in the University Access Programme (UAP), and you pass every module, you will be eligible for admission to a residence.

• In order to be eligible for admission to a residence, you must have successfully completed at least 120 credits during your second or subsequent years of enrollment at the UFS or another tertiary institution. Current first-year students will be eligible for housing depending on their Grade 12 AP scores.


Admission to a full-time program on the South Campus

• If your studies encompass an extended curriculum program on the South Campus and you were provisionally admitted to a residence on the Bloemfontein Campus before your final Grade 12 results were made public, your provisional admission will automatically be transferred to a residence on the South Campus.

• You must always fulfill the requirements for the aforementioned admission in order for your admission to be granted.



  • You should be aware as a prospective student that being assigned to a house does not guarantee that you will be accepted into a certain program of study. You must have received a conditional admission offer for a program of study or a final and definite offer for admission in order to be eligible for placement in a residence. Ultimately, your eligibility for admission to an undergraduate program of study and housing will depend on your final grade-point average (GPA) in Grade 12. Once you register as a student, you will then be permitted to move into the residence where you have been assigned.
  • Our students' well-being and living circumstances are of utmost significance. The performance of the UFS is significantly influenced by student housing; as a result, each individual student's academic achievement depends on having a high-quality place to live. In order for private providers to receive university accreditation, they must conform to a list of fundamental criteria that was created with the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality's input regarding off-campus housing. According to the Policy on the Minimum Norms and Standards for Student Housing at Public Universities, the standards must be met (Government Gazette 39238, dated 29 September 2015).


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