UFS Courses 2023-2024

UFS COURSES 2023-2024

UFS Courses 2023-2024

UFS Courses 2023-2024

UFS COURSES 2023-2024

The University of Free State has opened its online application portal.
There are 7 faculties in all available at the university of the free state.

Economic and Management Sciences

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences covers a broad academic spectrum, from public and private sector management to specialized education for aspiring professional accountants at the undergraduate level, in line with our mission to be a dynamic, innovative, and quality-driven faculty. We aim to provide relevant, market-driven capacity and competence through, among other things, research. below are some of the courses available at the UFS:

  • BCom with specialization in Economics
  • BCom with specialization in Finance
  • BCom with specialization in Management
  • BA Admin


Teachers in many fields receive their education from the Faculty of Education. Our main goal is to ensure that you have a solid disciplinary foundation for your professional work as we prepare you for your career as pre-service teachers in schools. You are prepared to become a teacher in elementary and secondary schools with our undergraduate Bachelor of Education degree (available in Foundation, Intermediate, or Senior and FET phases). Reflection is the program's primary teaching and learning tenet, with a focus on teaching aspiring teachers about teaching rather than just how to teach. In light of this, the faculty provides innovative teaching and learning strategies that highlight wider civic and professional ideals. We mentor our students to prioritize academic excellence, professional proficiency, and moral conduct. below are some of the courses available at the UFS:

  • Life Skills, Social Sciences, and English Home Language
  • Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology, and Sesotho Home Language
  • Life Skills and Social Sciences Teaching, and IsiZulu Home Language
  • Life Orientation andEnglish

Health Sciences

You have the chance to get top-notch credentials in the medical field from the School of Clinical Medicine, School of Pathology, School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Nursing, and School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and we are delighted to provide this opportunity. Students at the College of Health Sciences must be highly motivated, compassionate people who build their academic knowledge and clinical expertise through cutting-edge teaching and learning methods that include developing clinical skills in simulations as well as in real-world settings. Alumni from our faculty are in high demand at medical facilities all over the world and in Africa, and they have a beneficial influence on the delivery of high-quality healthcare on a national level. . below are some of the courses available at the UFS:

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB)
  • Bachelor of Medical Science with specialization in Radiation Science(BMedSc)
  • Bachelor of Optometry BOptom
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy BSc (Physiotherapy)
  • Bachelor of Biokinetics* BBiok


Languages, the Arts, Human Sciences, Social Sciences, and Cultural Sciences are just a few of the many academic possibilities available within the College of Humanities.
A humanities education's main goal is to provide you with access to critical thinking abilities, an appreciation for literature, an understanding of cultures,

the use of power, the secrets of the mind, how societies are organized, the difficulties of leadership, the craft of communication, and the difficulty of change. Your future career will benefit from all of these talents. Thus, a degree in the humanities is highly valued worldwide.

the globe. These are the people who make up the fabric of society.

Languages, the Arts, Human Sciences, Social Sciences, and Cultural Sciences are just a few of the many academic possibilities available within the College of Humanities. This enables you to put together a degree program that suits your preferred job path, interests, and aptitudes.


One of the greatest law schools in the nation is this one. Due to its location in Bloemfontein, the seat of justice, students are exposed to legal practice in both lower and higher courts. The faculty is able to impart to students the knowledge of judges and legal professionals thanks to close relations with the profession. The faculty takes great pride in its high academic standards and dedication to program improvement.

The UFS Law Clinic and specialized centers within the faculty play a significant part in community projects that are carried out by the faculty, which is known for its great research.

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) – four years

Natural and Agriculture SCIENCES

Due to its dynamic curriculum and ambitious research agenda, the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences is a thriving faculty that draws both domestic and international students. We are a community-engaged faculty whose connections with the public are woven throughout our work in both teaching and research.

The faculty offers exciting and relevant programs in the following broad areas of training and research:
• Natural Sciences
• Agricultural Sciences
• Building Sciences

  • Theology and Religion

Along with these facilities, they also offer Open Distance Education and Business school. They also have 22 different Sports disciplines for interested applicants.

Only the faculty in central South Africa provides comprehensive, all-encompassing theological study to prepare students for a career in ministry. It provides instruction in all areas of theology beginning with the undergraduate level. The faculty upholds ideals that support a diversity of culture, gender, and ethnicity, as well as academic and intellectual quality, support, innovation, as well as moral and ethical integrity. In all areas of faculty activity, it also aims to foster a sense of belonging and welcome. The development of the church, society, and the academic environment receives a distinctive national and worldwide contribution from the Faculty of Theology and Religion. This is accomplished through specialized research and high-quality theological education built on committed theological instruction and a strong research foundation.


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